Videos The Digital Future

Peter Altmaier, Adressing the Challenge: "What Government Needs to Do"


Jennifer Chayes, A Personal View of Network Science: Promises an Perils


Wolfgang Coy, Save or Delete? Long-Term Preservation of Digital Artifacts


Michael Dellnitz, Algorithms for Energy Efficient Autonomous Driving


Jens Eisert, The Second Quantum Revolution: From Unconditionally Secure Communication to New Modes of Computations


Leslie Greengard, Modeling Physical Systems in Complex Geometry


Fred Hamprecht, Interactive Machine Learning for Computer Vision


Tony Hey, The Fourth Paradigm: Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery


Stephan Kamphues, First an Idea, then a Revolution

Leo Kroon, Public Transport in the Digital World

Thomas Lippert, Simulation and Data Sciences in the Exascale, Neuromorphic and Quantum Computin Era

Volker Markl, Smart Data - Bridging The Talent Gap

Alexander Martin,Progress and Challenges in Network Optimization

Klaus-Robert Müller,Machine Learning and Applications

Frank Noé, Understanding the Building Blocks of Life with Supercomputing

Steve Oberlin, Accelerating Understanding: Machine Learning, Intelligent Applications

Siegfried Raasch, Turbulence - At the Cutting Edge of Meteorological Simulations

Nick Robinson, Big Clinical Data: New Opportunities and Challenges for Precision Medicine

Jonathan Schaeffer, The Games Computers (and Humans) Play

Jochen Schiller, Can we Control the Complexity of our Networks?

Steve Scott, Supercomputing technologies and Treds: Where do we go from here?

Ed Seidel, The Impact of the Computing and Data Revolution on Science an Society

Thomas Wiegand, Digital Communication & Processing

Horst Zuse, Historical Keynote