The global conference celebrating 75 years of computing. Where it all began: In Berlin

The Digital Future 2016 Trailer

May 11, 2016: Celebrating 75 years of computing

More than 1200 guests got together at Kosmos Berlin on May 11, 2016, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Konrad Zuses Z3-computer and to discuss how digitalization will continue to change the world.


Michael Müller, Governing-Mayor of Berlin, opened the conference by outlining his goal to enable Berlin to become the capital of digitalization. Müller also honoured four digital pioneers for their remarkable efforts in computer science: Michele Parrinello ETH Zurich, Leslie Greengard, Klaus-Robert Müller and Konrad Zuse – who’s son Horst Zuse accepted the award on his father’s behalf – were amongst a total of 75 digital pioneers, inducted into the “Hall of Fame of the Digital Age” by an academic jury of the Zuse Institute Berlin.


Peter Altmaier, Head of the Federal Chancellery, emphasized how the process of digitalization is changing our world and especially the way we work. As the digital revolution continues, politicians have to facilitate this process – “often without fully understanding it.”


In 14 keynotes and 22 short plenary presentations outstanding computer experts gave insights into the digital future covering a diverse range of issues such as big data, communication, data analysis, digital society, future computing, gaming, mobility, networks, optimization, privacy, simulation, and security and visualization.




Expert Lunch and Scholarship

The sponsors of The Digital Future, Deutsche Telekom and Technologiestiftung Berlin, invited more than 80 digital experts to a special networking lunch at The Digital Future Conference.

Over 250 Students and young Professionals joined the conference by a Digital-Future-Scholarship. Scholarships are granted by our Recruiting Partner Deutsche Telekom AG.

If you are interested in a Scholarship for upcoming events, please write an email to young-changers@tagesspiegel.de.


Participation Options for Partners of "The Digital Future"

There are several ways – including customisable options – for companies and institutions to support the event. You have the opportunity to make contact with companies, new talent and scientists, and to position your company within the context of cutting edge science.

Companies benefit from the following opportunities:

Content: Position yourself by championing one of the speaker sessions.

Exhibition: Reach potential new research partners and customers.

Branding: Leave your mark among decision-making target groups: Key media include Tagesspiegel, Handelsblatt, WirtschaftsWoche, Zeit and communication in connection with the event (target groups: decision makers and opinion leaders in politics, business and science).

Recruiting: Access to top-quality talent: The event format is a major draw for top young talent. A scholarship programme allows companies to invite students, young professionals and startup-entreprenneur to the conference. As a member of the jury you are involved in the selection and can access the profile data. You can invite the young talent that is of most interest to you to your own informal meetings.

Individuell sponsoring: e.g. sponsoring a break or a session on request.

Industry exclusivity: on request.

Susanne Funk can answer any questions you may have about your company's involvement. You can contact her by phone +49 (0)30-29021-15564.