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Matthias Machnig

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy


Matthias Machnig is State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Prior to this, his positions included Minister for Economic Affairs, Labour and Technology of the State of Thuringia, and State Secretary at the Federal Environment and Transport Ministries. He has also worked as a business consultant and has held the position of Managing Director of the SPD.

Since the late 1980s, State Secretary Machnig has focused on advances in technology, their importance for the modernisation of German industry, and their impact on the world of work. He regards innovations, both of a technological and a non-technological nature, to be crucial sustainable growth and new and better jobs.

Matthias Machnig has authored and edited a multitude of different publications focusing primarily on issues of strategy, communication and management, as well as key political and economic issues. These include the energy transition, the cultural and creative industries, digitalisation and Industrie 4.0, foreign trade, infrastructure and skilled workers.