The Brightest Minds and their Analyses on the Future of Security - on the Eve of the 54th Munich Security Conference

About the Future Security Science Match:
The security issues of 2017 showed us, how global crisis not only affect boarder countries or might have worldwide economic impact anymore. Limited resources like energy or water and human crisis like natural disasters or a lack of perspective let into European security issues and mass migration. Cyber-attacks obliterate the differences between economic attacks, terror and interstate aggression. The Science Match Future Security aims on giving you top insights in all fields of security and how they interact with each other.

In only one day, the brightest minds in the field of security presented in five-minute talks their analyses and problem-solving approaches to the worldwide crises and their resolution.

The focus was on:

  1. Resource Security
  2. Human Security
  3. Cyber Security
  4. National and International Security Policies

The international speakers came from politics, think tanks, the civil society, the business community and university research. Furthermore, we integrated young talents from all disciplines in the field of security research through our conference scholarship “Young Security Changers”.