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Dr. Christian Conrad

German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg


Since 2011, Christian Conrad is the group Leader of DKFZ, an Intelligent Imaging Group located at BioQuant. His research interests lies in personalized oncology using visual in vitro drug testing (mitotic, cell death, and tissue phenotypes), automated high content screening by intelligent feedback microscopy, 3D live time lapse SPIM microscopy on primary microspheroids and tissues, single cell sequencing and correlations with 3D cell culture phenotypes and 2D FCS SPIM imaging. Prior to working at BioQuant, Conrad was Senior Scientific Officer at the European Molecular Laboratory (EMBL). He has also acquired international experiences with the American MetaSystems Group Inc. Conrad has graduated from the University of Freiburg with a Diploma in Biology in 1995. He has published in journals such as the Nature Biotechnology, Cell, Science and the series Methods in Molecular Biology.

At "Future Medicine" he will talk about "Intelligent Imaging and Sequencing".