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Dr. Alessandro Blasimme

University of Zurich

Alessandro Blasimme works at the Health Ethics and Policy Lab of the University of Zurich (Switzerland). His research focuses on innovation in biomedicine and on its theoretical, ethical and political consequences. He is particularly interested in conceptual and regulatory challenges at the translational frontier of biomedicine and in the normative analysis of pressing ethical issues in precision medicine, digital health and other transformative biomedical technologies. Alessandro was a Fulbright–Schuman Fellow of the STS (Science & Technology Studies) Program at Harvard University (USA) in 2014. During his PhD at the University of Milan (Italy) he received interdisciplinary training in bioethics, STS and molecular biology. He received both his undergraduate degree in Philosophy and his M.Phil in Bioethics from La Sapienza University of Rome (Italy).

At the conference "Future Medicine" Blasimme will give a presentation on "Health, Data and the Digital Self: Philosophy at the Dawn of New Medicine".