Session 1

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Session I: Transformative Digital Health Solutions

Skin as a Platform: Dermal / Transdermal Drug Delivery and Monitoring Devices | Digital Technologies Enabling Hospitals (Diagnostics/Surgery/Infection Control) | Intelligent Drug Design: Automating Drug Design, Compound Selection and Digital Therapeutics | Mobile Solutions | Bioprinting

Short Presentations

Stefan Höcherl, German Association of Research-based Pharmaceutical Companies (vfa)
Digital Pharma and Next Level Health 


Harald Schnidar, PhD, SCARLETRED Holding GmbH
Digitalisation of Global Dermatology and Objective Skin Product Testing by Scarletred® Image Analysis Technology


Adrien Philippe, Juniper Medical Computing
AI and Cancer Genomics: How Machines will Enable the Rise of Precision Medicine


Dr Jogundas Armaitis, Oxipit
Automating Chest X-ray Reporting


Dr Tobias Penzkofer, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Image Based Biomarkers for Cancer Detection and Classification

Veronika Schweighart, Climedo Health GmbH
Empathy meets AI: Combining the Intelligence of Doctors and Machines to Enable Advanced Personalised Therapies


Dr Ella Maria Kadas, Nocturne UG
Application of Optical Coherence Tomography in Neurological Diseases


Ehab Shakour, Innosphere
Translating Brain Stimulation Science to Novel Clinical Applications


Jakub Wysocki, biolumo sp. z o.o.
Fast Antibiotics Selection Tool for GPs

Dr Hans Maria Heyn, DX-Labtrack GmbH
From Trust-Based to Evidence-Based in Medical Diagnostics – A Paradigm Shift Needed for Precision Medicine


Dr Jossy Onwude, Bold Health
Personalised Digital Therapeutics, IBS Case Study


Dr Aidas Pranculis, OME Health
Personalised Nutrition for Health


Christian Rebernik, Vivy GmbH
Patient Empowerment Will Change our Health System


Dr Fabian Emrich, Kenkou GmbH
Stress and Cardiovascular Disease - Is There a Future for Prevention?


Dr Alessandro Faragli, BOCAhealthcare GmbH
BOCAhealth – The Fluid Manager of the Future


Linda Weber, Mindable
Face your Fears – By Yourself, but not Alone


Dr Oliver Heinze, Heidelberg University Hospital, Department of Medical Information Systems
Enabling Citizens and Patients to Share Mobile Health Data Safely with their Healthcare Providers


Hot Technology Example

Duong T. Nguyen, PhD, CELLINK AB
3D Bioprinting for the Future of Medicine


Wrap-up and Perspectives

Bart de Witte, Future io