Harald Schnidar



Harald Schnidar is the Founder and CEO of the award winning digital health Company SCARLETRED (www.scarletred.com). The company is headquartered in Vienna and expanded recently to USA by incorporating a US at the reputational Cambridge Innovation Center next to MIT. Harald is the inventor of the Scarleted® Vision technology, which is the first certified software solution enabling standardised skin documentation and objective computational assessment while running completely mobile on smartphones. The novel technology is on its way to transform global dermatology by enabling to accelerate safety and efficacy testing of novel skin drugs and treatments. Before SCARLETRED, Harald worked in academics and clinical skin drug R&D. He holds a PhD in Genetics and an executive MBA by the University of Salzburg, Westminster, St. Gallen, Fudan and Toronto. 

At  this year’s Future Medicine he will talk about Digitalisation of Global Dermatology and Objective Skin Product Testing by Scarletred® Image Analysis Technology"