Li Li, PhD

Harvard Medical School


Li Li is a research fellow in Harvard Medical School since December 2015 with a focus on combining clinical and genomics data on Autism patients across different scales and resolutions to enable new perspectives for essential biomedical questions. She explored the comorbidities of clinical variables and corresponding mutations. At the same time, she works on clinical knowledge database, i2B2 and SciDB, providing access to information relating genotype to phenotype. Before she came to Harvard, she did research in University of Cologne, Germany and ETHZ, Switzerland, under the supervision of Professors Andreas Beyer and Ruedi Aebersold on multi-level network analysis in prostate cancer and Down’s syndrome by integrating genomic (Exome, RNA-seq) and proteomic data into a computational model to have a better disease classification and select optimal treatment options for the concerned individuals. She evaluated the intra-tumor heterogeneity in prostate cancer at protein level, which a pioneer study of heterogeneity in prostate cancer at proteomics.

At Future Medicine 2017 she will talk about "The Aberrant Behaviors in ASD and Corresponding Mutations"

Videos of Li Li, PhD