Jaideep Dudani

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston


Jaideep Dudani is a PhD candidate in Biological Engineering at MIT, working in the lab of Sangeeta Bhatia and co-advised by Bob Langer at the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, as a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow and a Ludwig Center for Molecular Oncology fellow. His research spans cancer nanomedicine, protease biology, biomarker development, and nanoparticle delivery with applications in stratifying patients with aggressive prostate cancer for therapeutic intervention, early detection of ovarian cancer, and monitoring the efficacy of antibiotics. This work is in close collaboration with biotech and pharma companies, as well as other academic scientists and clinicians. He holds an undergraduate degree in Bioengineering from UCLA, where he developed microfluidic technologies for high-throughput single-cell phenotyping in the lab of Dino Di Carlo. He is broadly interested in the development and translation of innovative scientific concepts to useful technologies.

At Future Medicine 2017 he will talk about "Enabling precision cancer medicine through paired protease-based biomarkers and therapeutics".