Atanas Kamburov, PhD

Bayer AG, Berlin


Dr. Atanas Kamburov is a bioinformatics research scientist at Bayer AG, seeking to find new insights and cures for cancer. He studied bioinformatics at the Free University Berlin and obtained his doctoral degree at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin, Germany. Subsequently, Dr. Kamburov moved to Boston, USA to expand his knowledge in the fields of cancer genomics and personalized cancer medicine. There, he held positions as EMBO Research Fellow and subsequently as Instructor in Biostatistics at the Harvard Medical School hospitals MGH and DFCI, and conducted much of his research at the Broad Institute supervised by Dr. Gad Getz. In his current position, Dr. Kamburov focuses on target discovery for personalized cancer medicine.

At Future Medicine 2017 he will talk about "Mutational clustering in proteins elucidates cancer mechanisms and identifies candidate targets"