Peter Baumann

Professor of Computer Science, Jacobs University Bremen



Mankind is gathering more and more data, much more than we can oversee. For example many Terabytes of satellite imagery are being streamed down every day. We have developed a new data organization concept called datacube which allows a simplified view on sensor, image, simulation, and statistics data. With the rasdaman ("raster data manager") we have developed a highly scalable system that allows to analyze and combine Petabyte datacubes at particularly high performance. In fact, rasdaman has served as blueprint for several "Big Datacube" standards, including the MDA ("Multi-Dimensional Arrays") extension to the standard database query language, SQL.

Curriculum Vitae:

Dr. Peter Baumann is Professor of Computer Science, inventor, and entrepreneur. At Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany he researches on scalable multi-dimensional array databases ("datacubes") and their application in science and engineering. With his work on algebra, query languages, and efficient architectures culminating in the rasdaman array DBMS he has coined the research field of array databases. He has published 130+ book chapters and journal and conference articles, holds international patents on array database technology, and has received numerous international innovation awards for his work. The rasdaman technology is in operational use on Petabyte-scale spatio-temporal databases. In 2014, rasdaman has been ranked winner of the Big Data Challenge posed by T-Systems as part of the Copernicus Master competition.

Peter Baumann is active, often leading contributor to standardization in the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and ISO bodies, being editor of a series of adopted international standards. In OGC he is chairing "Big Geo Data" working groups. In OGC and ISO he is editor of the "Big Datacube" standards CIS, WCS, and ISO SQL/MDA. In the Research Data Alliance (RDA), he has co-founded and co-chairs the Big Data and Geospatial Interest Groups, as well as the Array Database Assessment Working Group. In 2014, OGC has honored his contribution to Big Data standardization with the prestigious Kenneth Gardels Award.