Walter Haas

Huawei Technologies Deutschland GmbH


Walter Haas began his career in 1981 as a development engineer and later held various management positions in development management, product management and business development at medium-sized telecommunications metrology companies.

From 2000 to the end of 2003 he was responsible for establishing the "Network Technologies" division at Vierling Electronics in cooperation with Huawei Technologies in the areas of sales, marketing and services for transport and data technology.

During this time, the first project with Huawei was realized in Europe and Huawei further expanded its business activities in Germany and Austria.

In mid-2004, Mr. Haas moved directly to Huawei Technologies Deutschland GmbH, where he was initially responsible for the technical sales of network technology in the fixed network sector.

As CTO since 2006, Mr. Haas has been responsible for the technical sales of the entire product range for carrier networks in the fixed network and mobile communications sector.

Mr. Haas has been a member of the management board since 2008.

In addition, Mr. Haas is active as a company representative in numerous industry associations and initiatives. For example, Mr. Haas is a member of the main board of BITKOM.