Daniel Fürstenau

Freie Universität Berlin


In his research projects Fürstenau investigates the dependencies and risks that attend the increasing embedding of IT systems in structures and processes. “I am now increasingly concerned with overarching organizational structures and the possibilities and limits of establishing and scaling digital platforms and infrastructures. Examples include the health system and finance industries, where connections and systemic dependencies are playing an ever greater role. I use procedures such as network analysis and simulation,” says Fürstenau.
For example, he is working in an interdisciplinary project on digital health with colleagues from the Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin. “We are researching the use of digital platforms and infrastructures and examining how incentives and dis-incentives influence use.” In a previous cooperation project with the Charité, Fürstenau looked at an integrated IT approach to healthcare with regard to operations for frail, elderly people. The goal was to improve patient safety using better risk identification and the direct exchange of information.
“I am especially excited about the possibility for interdisciplinary networking at the ECDF. All of my research is highly interdisciplinary and I think the ECDF provides great opportunities for cooperation with other fields in which digitalization also plays such a huge role. For example, we can use network analysis and simulation procedures in the areas of smart cities or mobility.”
Fürstenau also believes that he and his colleagues at ECDF have a social responsibility. “The ECDF potentially creates great visibility for research findings.  This is where we can and should make a mark. The goal is to work on issues with a high degree of social relevance. Key words for major topics are, for example, improving medical care using integrated healthcare provision processes or reducing risks on financial markets.

At this year's Digital Future Science Match he will talk about "Algorithmic practices".