Christian Djeffal

Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society


Dr. Christian Djeffal is associated reasearcher at HIIS and visiting researcher at Institute for Technology, Society, and Law at University of Zurich. In July, he will become Assistant Professor for Law, Science, and Technology at Technical University Munich. He focuses on law and digitisation with specific reference to artificial intelligence and the internet of things. In his work, he covers several aspects of law and technology ranging from constitutional aspects to regulation and standards. Christian Djeffal is actively engaged in the reflection of the impacts of artificial intelligence in society. He also engages in development projects that are in need of legal assistance. He is a member of the National E-Government Competence Center (NEGZ) and the responsible person in the Open Government Network Germany to advocate transparent and comprehensible AI-applications in public administration. Together with the Berlin Administrative Academy, he conducts  management trainings for executive administrative officials.

He will participate in the panel on AI and Public Administation.