Thomas J. Ackermann

Entrepreneur in Residence, Command CIR, Bundeswehr (German Federal Armed Forces)


I like to embrace (or invent) new technologies, and make something useful out of them, from concept stage all the way to production and adoption; and have done a lot of “Firsts”. BGP4 Internet infrastructure, high-availability service delivery, cyber security, and crypto analysis (owned a Cray) have always been a part of my business life.

So far worked 25+ years in start-ups, with some short dabbling in Fortune 50 companies for the experience. Lived 18 years in the USA (1994-2012; in Los Angeles, San Francisco / Silicon Valley, and Dallas), actively participated in the pre-internet ‘geek’ world for the emerging Internet since 1985, and during the Internet boom of the 1990s in Silicon Valley, when the masses joined for wide-spread adoption. Since 2002 I worked on CyberWarfare solutions, inventing ExoWarfare since 2008, and for the last couple of years, my focus has also been on Blockchain Technology and Quantum Computing.

Currently I work in Berlin, Germany, as Entrepreneur in Residence, Rapid Innovation, for the Cyber Command (KdoCIR) of the Bundeswehr, serving as a reservist soldier.